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About us

The first SGW opened in McKinney in 2005.  Since then we have grown our business based on honesty, integrity, great products and great customer service from a bitchin' staff.  


We focus on sourcing locally made, American made or fair trade products whenever possible. In addition to supporting the local economy, American glass is preferable because of its strength.  Imported glass is often not fired in a kiln and thus is more suseptible to breaks and cracks.


We currently carry a full line of Smoking Accessories, Kratom, CBD, Glass Pipes, Waterpipes, Ashcatchers, Rolling Papers, Lighters, Torches, Grinders, Pollen Boxes, Digital Scales, Rolling Trays, Cartridge Batteries, Concentrate Rigs, Dab Accessories, Vaporizers, Hookahs and Shisha, Body Detox and more.